Art Market Preparation

I've had some good news recently - I've been chosen to join the Holmfirth Art Market on the final weekend in November as a last minute addition. This does of course mean an awful lot of work as I have been given so little notice. I will have a space only area so I have been making stand alone screens on which to hang my work. I like my shows to look as much like exhibitions as possible, even when the pictures are only on display for a short duration, so that visitors can visualise the paintings as they would look in their own homes. This tends to mean preparations take longer but I find it is always worth going the extra mile to create a professional environment. Aside from building screens and readying materials I've also had to work on additional publicity for the show to make sure that I get a good audience for my work.
UPDATE, 21/11/14 Photos of practise run set up in studio.

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